by novelbynature

Sunday, January 10th, 2012.

There’s a small one-family home, older, with hard-wood floors, grungy walls, and no lighting, save for a strand of Christmas lights running through the main room and out onto the large back deck.  The house is void of furniture, as it’s all on the back deck to make a floor space for the show that will take place there that night.  It’s a college house that doubles as a venue for local musicians and painters.  The walls are covered with small, amateur canvases from past art shows, and the living room is filled with musical equipment.  There are voices muffled, coming from the back door when you stand inside.  The screen door smacks shut every 30 second when someone comes in, or someone goes out.  The backyard is filled with people.  The spring semester starts back the next day, and everyone who left town is now back.  The back deck is set up as a living room, with two couches and a coffee table.  People fill the couches, PBR cans litter the table, and the wooden porch railing is lined with perchers flirting with standers.  There’s music coming from a speaker somewhere.  It’s non-descript.  Our main character, Ashley, is perched on the arm of a couch, with her casted leg resting on the cushion next to her.  Her crutches lean on the railing behind her.  She’s comfortable there.  It’s her friend’s house, she knows all the artists, she knows everyone at the show.  She’s there with her best friend and roommate, Melissa.  Melissa is a small girl, with a sweet disposition and delicate features.  Melissa is Ashley’s chauffeur for the night, as it is Ashley’s right foot that is broken, and she can’t drive.  Ashley sips on a beer and laughs at something someone in the circle has said.  The scene goes back inside the house, where a van pulls up into the driveway, and four young men hop out and bring in their instruments.  There’s a poster on the wall advertising the event, the headline band reads: JOSE OYOLA & SAM PERDUTA, OF BERLIN, CT.  Out-of-towners.  The young men set down their instruments and walk out to the back deck, one in particular holding a bottle of whiskey they had all split.  His name is James.  He’s tall, dressed a little shabbily, and has burly-ish features, with soft eyes.  Cut to later in the night.  There’s music playing from in the house, but Ashley is still on the couch.  Melissa gets up to go to the bathroom.  James plops down in her place.